We take pride in what we do

and we are a team of individuals that work hard to make sure that the information delivered is most recent and practical and can be implemented in every day of your career, hobbies and lives.

Our team members are empowered and are industry experts with years of practical knowledge. With working life experiences in their respective fields they make the four pillars of strength for the academy.

Our team members choose to make their passion their career and that is why they are the best to learn from. We are very happy, fortunate and proud to have them as coaches at Confident Minds Academy.

Meet The Instructor

Hello, I’m Amandeep Brar. Design Director at Confident Minds Academy.

I have designed the Professional Home Staging and the Professional Colour Consultant course and enjoy teaching it with a passion. I have been
running a design company successfully since 2014. I am an expert in my field and in 2021 decided to take my expertise to a higher level and opened an Academy called Confident Minds Academy for teaching lifestyle and professional courses. I have an extensive leadership and mentorship experience of over 20 years and I decided to put it into practice teaching courses that I am passionate about. I have always enjoyed designing and working with colours. My personal style is Traditional and I like bright colours.


I keep my personal style aside while designing for clients, as an expert I design with the styles my clients want to see in their spaces. I have great knowledge in the field of home staging and the difference it is to stage a property than to decorate it. I now want to take this further and teach this professionally designed course to professionals who want to pursue this as a career. All the modules are designed keeping in mind the practical approach with human elements involved. I learnt a lot through the years training, experiencing and exploring. Therefore, my courses will teach and guide you and also for what not to do and best practices for success. I am an instructor at heart and have mentored various Stagers guiding them through steps of staging in Canada and stagers from the United States.

I enjoy keeping myself updated with trends in the industry and reading books from my library collection. I also enjoy painting a lot. My favourite season of the year is Fall since I love colours and I love watching leaves change colours. I believe in being Professional at work yet having fun and providing a stress free environment to those around me. I am sure that you will enjoy every bit of learning with me and be equipped with the tools you need to be successful.

This is what Vanessa says about the Instructor

Amandeep has been an excellent teacher and mentor while I’ve been working under her wing. She gives thorough direction and in depth explanation when delivering instruction and/or information. I have been able to develop confidence in my knowledge because of her ability to redirect during decision making. She has the ability to inspire creativity, identify challenges and come up with active solutions. Amandeep also possesses strong leadership skills and knowledge in her profession, making her a go-to source for design or business related questions, clarity, and advice.

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