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The foundation of this Academy was placed 

with a thought for helping individuals to pursue their dreams. It is built on care for how and what we deliver as information so it can be put to practical use.

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Changing the construction industry

We value respect, trust, transparency and the willingness to innovate. We hire people who share and demonstrate these values, and won’t hire those who don’t.

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Bauer X did an excellent job from the conceptual stage through the finished construction of our new office. I have worked with Bauer in every aspect of construction spanning from single family homes and multi unit retirement communities to commercial construction of various scale.

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Why Confident Minds Academy ?

Our start to finish solutions

The Academy was established and designed keeping in mind how and what we teach and the outcome of our courses. We provide not just theoretical but practical hands on knowledge as well.

Our Core Values are practiced and lived through each and every day, and you will notice this when you become a part of our family.

We provide state of the art learning and hands on experience.

We are professionals building and shaping professionals.

We offer internships for eligible courses.

We live by our commitments and have very strong student support system.


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