Certified Colour Consultant Course

Course # PCC101
Offered In Person and Online

With the increase in demand of designers in today’s world, The colour consultant plays an important role in creating cohesive and beautiful spaces that are appealing to the eyes and clients enjoy the beauty of colour. Colour is the heart of design and choosing the right colour makes a huge lot of difference. Our course is not just designed to know colours and their effects but also a working knowledge of how to implement them to make someone’s dreams come true. Understanding colour is the first step and the foundation of design.

Why Us : At Confident Minds Academy our professional coaches make sure our colour consultants are ready for business with the tools needed to succeed and deliver with confidence. Our assignments help you build your portfolios to get practical knowledge. As all our courses do, we coach our “set up for success” and lifetime mentorship to our graduates.

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Course calendar 2023: In-person Classes

Course Content

Module 1

Day in life of a color consultant

Module 4

Presentation Skills

Module 2

Understanding Color and psychology

Module 5

Setting up for success- Business and marketing

Module 3

Putting it all together

Student Speak