Break Into Professional Certified Home Staging Course with Confidence

Start your Professional Certified Home Staging Career with Confidence

Course Fee: $1900
Course Duration

5 Days in Person, Monday to Friday
Self paced Online with 5 Live interactive classes.

Practical Knowledge

Developed from our extensive expertise, our courses provide you with unmatched knowledge, tools, and guidance.


We’ve paid special attention to the human element of home staging — something other courses frequently gloss over.

Hands-On Experience

Theory is important, but the real value lies in applying it — in actually experiencing how your future day-to-day will look.

Holistic Business Approach

We offer CRM and other business systems to get you started with a business from ground up and become the professionals clients want to work with

List of Verified Vendors

We provide you resources and information on different connections you need to set up your career as a Certified Home Stager and have all the required tools.

Partner Affiliation’s

You get to meet with realtors from our partner brokerage as well as stagers and designers from our partner Home Staging company. You become a member of our academy Alumni and resources.

Stage a Successful Career – Become a certified Home Stager

Running a home staging business requires more than passion and an eye for interior design. There’s a great deal of practical knowledge involved, as well. Unfortunately, most home staging courses fall short.

They don’t teach essential things like client relationships, what the day-to-day looks like, or provide any real-world experience. Confident Minds Academy is taking a different approach to training the next generation of home stagers.

Our intelligently designed home staging certification course shows you exactly what to expect from a career in home staging.

But that’s not all we teach. You’ll learn about all the less exciting parts of entrepreneurship, including how to avoid issues with the Canada Revenue Agency come tax time, business administration tips, and more. We empower you with training on how to run your own business.

Better yet, if you sign up for our in-person course, you’ll get direct experience with a home staging professional to see how everything works firsthand.

Confident Minds Academy gives you everything you need to break into the home staging profession — with no roadblocks to hold you back. We set you up for success.

What You’ll Learn

  • Foundational knowledge about home staging
  • The most common challenges you’ll encounter as a new business owner
  • Pricing and marketing your services
  • Putting together a staging project
  • Effective client relationship management
  • Interacting with clients and realtors
  • The most common questions clients ask (and how to answer them)
  • Processes to help you run your business efficiently and professionally

Why Learn With the Confident Minds Academy?

We’re Passionate About Interior Design & Home Staging

We love what we do. Knowledge is our passion, and we love helping our students grow into confident, skilled professionals.

  • Instructors with years of expertise in professional home staging.
  • Count on a strong student support system, even post-graduation.
  • Your success is our top priority.
  • You will become a Certified Home Stager and will graduate with a certificate and certified seal to show as credentials.
  • We give you tools for success with a Holistic approach: The vendor list, connect with industry business partners we work with for CRM, Marketing, business systems and partner brokerage.
  • You get hands-on experience as we help you complete practical work.
Learn to Thrive in the World of Real Estate

Our courses are about more than education. They’re about self-improvement — about building a strong foundation for creativity and growth.

  • Build confidence through mentoring, coaching, and positive participation.
  • Participate directly in a home staging internship.
  • Develop the tools, skills, and mindset you need to guide yourself to success.
A Fun, Interactive, & Approachable Learning Experience

Learning shouldn’t be stressful. That’s why we’ve prioritized creating a fun, friendly learning experience where our students don’t need to sweat the small stuff.

  • A flexible, state-of-the-art learning environment.
  • Competitive tuition fees.
  • Empowered, dedicated instructors and coaches
Break Into Home Staging with Confidence

The core of what we do is right there in the name. We want to build confident minds, ensuring that when you walk out with a certificate, nothing can stand in your way.

  • Understand home staging, marketing, and business administration processes.
  • Embrace an entrepreneurial lifestyle.
  • Experience coursework designed with the utmost thought and research.


Commonly asked questions

Will I become a certified Home Stager?

Yes, upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate of completion and will be a graduate of Confident Minds Academy’s Home Staging Program. You will also receive a certification seal that you can use on your marketing materials and website to show that you are a certified Home Stager and use them with your credentials.

What does being certified mean?

Being a Certified Home Stager with Confident Minds Academy means that you are professionally trained. It shows that you have the understanding and expertise of the industry and follow the ethics and code of conduct to run your business professionally. It is a way for clients to know you understand the world of real estate and are a trained stager who understands designing. Confident Minds certifications also means that you have practical experience designing stagings and come with a hands-on support system behind you. We encourage you to proudly display your certification once you graduate with us.

What are my Job opportunities and prospects after graduation?

There are a lot of avenues that open up. As a trained and certified Home stager you can choose to work with a company as a stager or open up your own business. You can work with a staging company, a builder, a real estate company as their stager, as a freelance contract stager, start your own home staging business and add home staging to your existing design business and add another income stream.

What is my earning potential?

As a certified Home stager you could potentially earn from $250 to $450 for staging consultation jobs. A staging project could range from anywhere between $1400 to $4500 on an average and depending on the scope of work sometimes more than $4500. As an employee or contractor with a home staging company you could make anywhere from $20 to $25 an hour. These figures are derived from job postings, google data and partner staging company.

Disclaimer: Earning potential can vary based on individual performance and work as well as market fluctuations and is also dependent on the individual business setups and packages offered along with client interactions and dealings. Confident Minds provide these numbers as potential earnings and no guarantees are made.

How long will it take me to start an income?

We provide all the information and the practice you need to be successful. We provide you the information on setting up your business and how to market yourself as a Home Staging professional. We also provide you training on how to interact with clients when new to the field. Getting your first job is based on how quickly you work with the information and training provided and your dedication and perseverance. Our students are quite successful when doing the things they need to start with. You can read the success testimonials or speak with our Stagers about their experiences.

  • Module 1
  • A Day in the Life of a Home Staging Professional

    Wondering what to expect from your career in home staging? In this module, you’ll see what an average day is like for a professional home stager, covering basic day-to-day tasks from loading the truck to showcasing the finished project on the real estate market.

  • Module 2
  • Staging and the Real Estate Market

    This module will educate you on your role in real estate, including how you impact the market and how to create a value adding service regardless of the current market conditions.

  • Module 3
  • Home Staging Design Concepts

    Learn the foundations that every designer must know, and how to apply basic design principles to home staging to accelerate your career.

  • Module 4
  • Introduction to Professional Staging and Styling

    In this module, you’ll learn the step-by-step process involved in staging a property. We’ll also teach you about the different types of staging, how to determine what staging a property needs, and how to manage your first client interactions when starting your new career.

  • Module 5
  • The Psychology of Staging

    Learn about the human factor you’ll deal with every day, from realtors to buyers and sellers. This highly-interactive module will help you understand the most effective way to approach and engage with each stakeholder in the real estate process based on their wants, needs, and personalities.

  • Module 6
  • Staging vs. Decorating

    This module will walk you through the crucial difference between staging and decorating, how to disconnect the two, and how to explain the distinction to your clients. You’ll also learn the different techniques used to separate these two methodologies, as well as the science behind each.

  • Module 7
  • Studying the Property

    There is no “one size fits all” in home staging. This module will show you how to assess, design and style different types of properties and rooms, practicing the design concepts you previously learned in a safe environment with your instructor.

    • Module 8
    • Processes and Forms

      No entrepreneur enjoys paperwork — but it’s a necessary aspect of running a business. This module teaches you about all the different forms, documents, and contracts you’ll need to read, sign, and understand for a home staging project.

    • Module 9
    • Floor Planning in Staging

      This module teaches you how to lay out a floor plan for your home staging projects prior to — or occasionally in lieu of — your interior design work.

    • Module 10
    • Running Your Home Staging Business

      This module will teach you the ins and outs of starting and managing your business, including administration, documentation, and perhaps most importantly, taxes.

    • Module 11
    • Overcoming the Hurdles of Entrepreneurship

      From securing your first project to marketing your new business, this module will go over the challenges you might face, the most common questions people ask, and the most common hurdles you may need to overcome — ultimately giving you the confidence you need to succeed. 

    • Module 12
    • Assignment – Occupied Property

      With this module, you’ll start building your portfolio by completing one occupied property staging project. 

    • Module 13
    • Assignment – Vacant Property

      This module builds on the previous assignment, tasking you with completing one vacant property staging for your portfolio.

    • Module 14
    • Final Presentations

      The home stretch. After you present your work, we’ll celebrate your completion of our course and hand you your completed portfolio and a professional certification you can proudly share with your family, friends, and clients.

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