Set Up For Success – Staging Mentorship Program

Course # SUS201
Offered In Person and Online

After mentoring stagers and coaching them on a regular basis we designed this course as an ongoing support system starting with the fundamentals of the business. We took all the ingredients needed to be successful and designed it into this Professional Home Staging & mentorship Courses in Ontario that you will highly enjoy and will be empowered to take on any challenges and situation. This course perfectly fits any stager who wants to know how to grow confidently and compete in this industry.

Why : Completing a course is one thing but jumping into a business and dealing with the practical world is another. The challenges and roadblocks can be really demotivating and feel like big boulders to move. Our mentorship team is industry experts and are committed to the success of this program. We saw a need to formalize this program as over the years we have been mentoring stagers on one on one level and felt that the demand of being mentored is a need. We will hand hold you and set you up for success till you are ready to fly and you don’t need us anymore. from simple questions to complete packages, we will give you all the tools to be a successful stager. This is not a recorded course as we feel it is not one style fits all. We will mentor you personally. We will also make sure you enjoy and have fun while benefiting from this support.

Course Content

Module 1

Understanding the business

Module 4


Module 2

Dealing with difficult situations

Module 5

Feedback Model

Module 3

Set Up For Success